“The Evil That Men Do” Soundtrack on iTunes!

The soundtrack for our movie THE EVIL THAT MEN DO, composed by Yuval Ron and also featuring songs from La Malinche and Gabriela Ortiz, has just been released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube Music.

You can find it here:




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It’s a beautiful soundtrack and we hope you enjoy it!

Our first review is here!


The Evil That Men Do is a very dark and very funny film with very charismatic performances from Faraldo and also from Sergio Peris-Mencheta as the narco kingpin’s nephew. It’s beautifully shot and directed, a delight to see, except for the one moment, a chainsaw scene more brutal even than the one in Scarface, that even I had to close my eyes at. The film is listed as Spanish though it is clearly Mexican and contains and evokes that lawlessness, lack of respect for life, sheer brutality and barbarism that seems to be part of the very fabric of life in that country today. It’s hard to see this as merely a genre film or even to accept the violence as stylised or cartoony and designed to fit an imaginary world. The director has been so successful in creating so much out of very spare means that the film hits close to the bone of a country in chaos. The darkness and brutality here speak a culture; and the laughs that the film very successfully manages to earn from the audience doesn’t wash away the sadness of a culture reduced to this.

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Editing is a painful trip

Your head aches. Your throat sores. Your eyes are puffy and you want to take them out and throw them to the screen. We are in the Hell of Editing, and we rule here.

Shots fighting to be in the movie like mujahideen throwing themselves to death, all in praise of the Glorious Frame. The Frame that catches your eye and burns into your memory.

It’s not an easy work to see some of this shots die on the way, but their celluloid blood will be ours to carry. To the End.