Joves (2004)


Title Youth
Genre Drama
Director Ramon Termens
Carles Torras
Written by Ramon Termens
Carles Torras
Producer Jordi Rediu
Norbert Llaràs
Music Contratiempo
Cinematography Ángel Luís Fernández
Editing Amat Carreras
Sound Director Licio Marcos de Oliveira
Art Direction Toni Gali
Costume Design Marta Alsina

Jordi Roger Coma
Cristina Aina Clotet
Pau Pau Roca
Marta Natasha Yarovenko
Roser Ariadna Cabrol
Mr. Puigmarti Jordi Dauder


A portrayal of three young people fleeing towards the future in pursuit of an illusory happiness. Jordi wants to make it big on the stock market, whatever price he has to pay; Cristina combines booze, drugs and sex in a wild celebration of her birthday; and Pau, yearning the buzz of powerful emotions, adopts a violent, xenophobic attitude.