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Myway (2007)


Title Myway
Genre Drama
Director José Antonio Salgot
Written by José Antonio Salgot
Producer Jordi Rediu
Norbert Llaràs
José Antonio Salgot
Cinematography Oriol Vila
Music Joan Miquel Oliver
Editing Irene Blecua
Art Direction Leo Casamitjana
Costume Design Valentina Ducet

Marco Ariel Casas
Tes Sílvia Marsó
Carla Susana Fawaz
Rafa Jordi Sánchez
Dolors Asunción Balaguer


Myway is an intimist drama with a dose of suspense that tells the story of Marco, a small-time drug dealer who wants to quit the ”profession” and lead a normal life with his wife, his daughter and his brother. But, after the death of his mother, he discovers that his father, whom he hasn’t seen in years, has Alzheimer’s, and decides to take him home. This new family environment, which becomes increasingly complicated and tense, as well as the shadow of his drug dealings, spark an unpredictable chain of events.

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