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Catalunya Über Alles! (2011)


Title Catalunya Über Alles!
Genre Dramedy
Director Ramon Termens
Written by Daniel Faraldo
Ramon Termens
Producer Ramon Termens
Víctor H. Torner
Music Glissando
Cinematography Oriol Bosch
Editing Víctor H. Torner
Anna Térmens
PostProduction Supervisor Víctor H. Torner
Casting David Arribas
Art Direction Albert Arribas
Costume Design Marta Alsina
Aitziber Sanz

Politician Jordi Dauder
New Neighboor’s Mother Vicky Peña
Collection Agent Babou Cham
New Neighboor Gonzalo Cunill
Businessman Joel Joan
Businessman’s Wife Belén Fabra


The plot of “Catalunya über alles!” is made up of three stories with shared characters and a common location: an inner Catalonia village. The time is the present.

In the first story, an ex-convict who has served a 19-year prison sentence for rape returns home to reintegrate into society. Through his eyes, we see the new reality in the village: the weekly market taken by immigrants, and a politician who rails against this new reality in his speeches. Soon, all the eyes and prejudices will be on him.

The second story is about a Sub-Saharan immigrant hit by the crisis. He needs a job, no matter which, so as to provide for his family. He finds his “opportunity” in a debt collection company, whose employees are dressed in the Catalan typical outfit. His first assignment will be to chase a defaulting politician, the one who wants to kick immigrants out of the village.

In the third story, a wealthy family returns home earlier than planned, and catches an Albanian Kosovar burglar in it. The house owner and the criminal begin a fight that ends with the death of the burglar. The last shot is at point-blank range. From that moment, the businessman becomes the focus of a media circus: social avenger or murderer.

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