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The Evil That Men Do (2016)


The story is set in an undefined location between Texas and Mexico. Here we meet a veteran hired assassin (Santiago), and a doctor who was banned from the medical practice due to professional negligence (Benny), both of whom work for one of the many cartels run by the Mexican mafias operating along the border. These men’s mission is to receive packages and to either keep them alive, or cut them into pieces, depending on orders. It is this kind of logic that reigns over the eternal war and fight taking place to gain control of this territory: a war nobody really knows who started, and which no one has the ability to end.

The two men spend their days in an abandoned factory where their only company is that of destitute homeless passerbys, who tend to lose their lives as a preventative measure.

One fine day, a new package arrives. It comes accompanied by a narco junior (Martín), a young hired assassin related to Lucho, the head of the Mafia cartel they all work for. Santiago and Benny don’t trust him from the start because they are used to getting their jobs done without any oversight. The operations they do are delicate enough to do without an audience. But the codes that Martín carries with him are correct, and they have no choice but to accept him as a part of their team, at least until the job is done.

Santiago and Benny wonder what could be so special about this package for it to require so much additional care. Based on size, they assume it must be a midget, which would be a fun novelty, implying their rival clan had stooped so low as to hire people like that to work for them. But upon removing the unlucky victim’s hood, they are faced with something unimaginable and anything-but funny: the limp body of an anesthetized girl who can’t be more than 10-years-old.

The unfortunate girl turns out to be the daughter of Monteros, the head of their rival clan fighting for a monopoly over this territory, and who has- at the same time- kidnapped the son of their boss, Lucho. The situation is as simple as it is terrible: or an exchange between the minors will take place, or somebody will have to carry out a job that no amount of blood on their hands could ever have prepared them for.

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Title The Evil That Men Do
Genre Narcothriller
Director Ramon Termens
Written by Daniel Faraldo
Producer Ramon Termens
Daniel Faraldo
Executive Producer Sandra Forn
Ivan Llamas
Delegate Producer Cruz Rodríguez
Cinematography Sergi Bertrolí
Editing Anna Térmens
Casting David Arribas
Art Direction Albert Arribas
Costume Design Ariadna Papió
Santiago Daniel Faraldo
Benny Andrew Tarbet
Martin Sergio Peris Mencheta
Marina Priscilla Delgado
Lucho José Sefami
Lin Nikol Kollars
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