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Bienvenidas a Brasil (2018)

Original title: Going to Brazil

Four childhood friends are reunited for a wedding in Rio de Janeiro, but upon their arrival they are chased through rural Brazil after accidentally killing a rich heir at a wild party.

Agathe, a timid teacher, her aggressive teenage sister Lily, and their wild flatmate Chloé receive three plane tickets to Brazil to celebrate their friend Katia’s wedding, whom they haven’t heard of for months. In Rio, a very pregnant Katia tells them she won’t be able to make it that night, but insists that they go party at a fashionable bar. In the midst of a night of debauchery and drug taking, an attractive guy tries to rape Lily and she pushes him off a balcony, causing his death. In a total panic, the three women decide to catch the first flight back to Paris, but Katia arrives at their hotel before they have a chance to leave. Everything takes a turn for the worse when Katia shows them a picture of her fiancé, who turns out to be the man who attacked Lily. Him being a rich heir with a powerful and influential father who won’t rest until he avenges his son’s death isn’t going to make things any easier for them.

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