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Ramon Térmens

Ramon Térmens is from Bellmunt de Segarra (Lleida). He holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona and studied Cinematographic Direction at the Center of Cinematographic Studies of Catalonia (C.E.C.C).

He made his debut as co-screenwriter and codirector of the film “Jovenes” (2005), which won 3 Premios Ciudad de Barcelona (later to be called the Gaudí Awards). Térmens worked in Los Angeles as a commissioned screenwriter until he shot his first solo-project, “Negro Buenos Aires”, in 2009. The film premiered internationally at the Muestra de Cine Latinoamericano de Catalunya de Lleida (Latin American Film Festval of Lleida), and received two nominations in the II Gaudí Awards (Best Film in non- Catalan language, and Best Art Direction). He also worked as a screenwriter on “Trash” by Carles Torras.

In 2011, Térmens co-wrote, directed, produced and distributed “Catalunya über alles!” with his own production company Segarra Films. The film makes social commentary that criticizes the intolerance and demagogic extremism found in Catalonia’s interior. Catalunya über alles received 3 awards at the Málaga Film Festival (Special Jury Prize, Youth Prize for Best Film, and Special Jury Mention for Best Actor (Babou Cham)). The film also won the Best Social Film of the Year Award from the San Sebastian Film Comission, as a film that best embodied the social and cultural context of the place where it was shot. After being shown at many festivals around the world, the film was rewarded with 5 nominations at the IV Premios Gaudí, where Vicky Peñas’ performance was granted the Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Térmens’ last project has been that of producer on the film “Jordi Dauder, la revolución pendiente” (Jordi Dauder, the pending revolution), which documents this unforgettable actor’s life. The film premiered in 2012 and won the Gaudí Award for Best Film. It also received a nomination for its soundtrack (Lluís Llach).

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