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The Ungodly (2007)



A young filmmaker, Mickey, tracks down a serial killer, Lemac, and forces him to be his new documetary subject. What follows is an intense journey into the darkest aspects of not only the serial killer’s nature but the filmmaker’s as well.

Title The Ungodly
Genre Thriller
Director Thomas C.Dunn
Written by Thomas C.Dunn
Mark Borkowski
Producer Jordi Rediu
Norbert Llaràs
Yan Fisher-Romanosky
Cinematography Paco Femenía
Casting Valerie McCaffrey
Editing Alberto de Toro
Andrea Zondler
Casting Valerie McCaffrey
Art Direction Adam Carrigan
Costume Design Sasha Bliss
Maron Reese

Mickey Gravatski Wes Bentley
James Lemac Mark Borkowski
Megan Joanne Baron
Jennifer Marina Gatell
Gino Albert López Murtra
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